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New Patients

Dr. Jensen setting up X-Ray for patient

What to Expect

Initial Evaluation

On your first consultation, your doctor will evaluate the severity of your condition, review your health history, and determine if your health problem is likely to be helped with chiropractic care. If necessary, X-ray views of your spine will be taken. With the information gained from the evaluation your doctor will be able to tailor a treatment specific to your condition. Once you understand your condition, and treatment path, you will be ready to begin chiropractic spinal adjustments, which typically consists of three types of care.

Intensive/Relief Care

At this stage you are likely in a lot of pain, and our goal is to reduce it, and alleviate your symptoms. Based on the seriousness of your condition, you may need 2-3 visits per week for weeks or months to help minimize the pain and eliminate your symptoms. The frequency of your visits will go down as you begin to heal, at which point you will transition into rehabilitative care.

Rehabilitative/Corrective Care

As you begin to achieve a good level of pain relief, and symptoms are alleviated, the damage to your muscles and other soft tissues still need treatment. In order to stabilize your spine, and promote a more complete healing, continued rehabilitative spinal adjustments are needed. At this point, the frequency of your visits will be reduced, and the doctor will advice you on supplemental exercises, stretches, nutrition, and other procedures you can do to speed recovery. It is tempting to stop treatment when you have achieved this level of healing, but to stop now would increase the likelihood of a relapse.

Maintenance Care

Now that spinal correction has been achieved, it is important to do occasional check ups to maintain an optimal level of health. These periodic visits also help catch minor issues that could develop into serious health problems. Based on your wellness goals, maintenance care visits could be as few as 1-4 visits a month. Another great benefit of maintenance care is that saves you money, and time, by helping you stay healthy.

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